About Us

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Laura Malchow is a co-owner/administrator of Grand Villa Escondido Senior Care. She is the face of Grand Villa and has a special passion for serving seniors. She has worked with the elderly for over 20 years in many different capacities. She took care of her grand parents who suffered from dementia and other physical ailments and helped care for her mother-in-law with early onset Alzheimer's.

Prior to her working at Grand Villa Escondido Senior Care, Laura worked at a large community church as the Care Coordinator. Her responsibilities included visitations, placement and care for both the elderly and their families. She also coordinated and planned memorial services. Laura has the gift of caring for the elderly and our residents at Grand Villa...and communicating and updating their families to reassure them and to be at peace that their loved one is safe, secure and loved. 

Dr. Daniel Malchow is a co-owner/administrator of Grand Villa Escondido Senior Care. He was a licensed Chiropractor for 35 years. He owned and operated a large practice and saw patients from newborns to the elderly. Daniel has a big heart for people and their wellbeing... and he brings experience as a Doctor and as a business owner. Much of Daniel's responsibilities are administrative, marketing, compliance etc. but you'll still see him at Grand Villa frequently as he loves to engage with residents, their families and the caregivers.

Daniel & Laura are active in their church and they believe they are to love others and they do that by serving others. (Galatians 5:13b)

Our staff of caregivers truly have a heart to serve the elderly. In this business, you can't have "Just An Employee"...you must be able to serve from the heart and from the owners to all of the caregivers... that is what we do... we give care!

All of our caregivers are trained and have several years experience caring for seniors.

As a Resident at Grand Villa Escondido Senior Care (RCFE) you will enjoy a safe, secure, beautiful and peaceful home where you can enjoy an exceptional quality of life and really feel "at home"  Two caregivers are always there to assist you 24/7.