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★★★★★ Hi, my name is Tena and my mom Louise, lives here at Grand Villa. I feel like it’s the best place I could have ever found. My mom is so happy here, which makes me happy. I know she’s at peace, I know she’s in good hands. The owners and the caregivers are just like family. They are like family to her which makes them family to me. I like to come over and visit her and be with the people here and get to know the other residents. My mom loves the food, she loves the entertainment, she just has a great time! I would highly recommend Grand Villa!

Tena Collins August 2019

★★★★★ Hi, my name is George Dixon…you come to a point where your loved ones need extra care and we couldn’t provide it for them…We searched and found this place, and Grand Villa 2 was the place! It’s where my mom spent her last days…she loved this place, she loved the staff, the entire facility…all the people involved from the other residents to the staff to both of the owners…My mom was very comfortable here!

What you’re looking for is a place that you can be sure that your loved one will be cared for. I left each time, with a peace of mind, knowing that this place was taking care of my mom. She would call me and say “I Love it here, they are so nice to me, they treat me so good!”

One of the other things she loved was the food. Plenty of times you get that hotel tasting food from big facilities, but here she felt comfortable and would just relax…knowing at any time, breakfast, lunch or dinner she was going to get something “home cooked”, not nothing that was mass produced…I suggest you give Grand Villa 2 a shot, you’ll know that your loved ones are at their bests interests and are in good care.

George Dixon Oct 30, 2018

★★★★★My experience with Grand Villa Senior Care has been an experience filled with compassion, empathy, laughter.  My 95 year old mom had been living with us for over a year, but her needs had become too much for us to handle at home.  When I walked into the facility, I was immediately struck by it's serenity and beauty.  When I met Daniel and Laura, I realized that this was more than a business; it was their passion, their calling.  

When my mom and I decided that Grand Villa would be a good fit for her, I was able to have her admitted within a few days.  Unfortunately, my mom fell ill and was admitted to the hospital on the same day she was scheduled to go to Grand Villa.  Laura and I kept in touch for the next few days of my mom's hospitalization, and when it was suggested that my mom be discharged to a nursing home, Laura assured me that Grand Villa would still be an option.  At this point, due to her declining health, Hospice was contacted. (Laura had told me that they had worked with Hospice before, and helped me to navigate through the hospital bureaucracy and get in contact with them.)  Hospice arranged for transfer directly to Grand Villa, and when we arrived, Laura and the caretakers were there to greet my mom and get her situated in her new room.  They even had some beautiful flowers in her room to welcome her!

Unfortunately, my mom passed just a few days later.  Those few days, however, were filled with such love and compassion from Laura, Daniel, and all of the staff, that I will carry that in my heart forever. The staff was knowledgeable and empathetic, and treated my mom like family.  Virgie (her caretaker) got up throughout the night to ensure that my mom got her medication on time and didn't suffer needlessly.  Everyone was there with a hug when needed, and I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed at this moment in time. 

I highly recommend Grand Villa Senior Care.  Because it is a smaller facility, residents get personal, individualized care.  The caretakers have been there for years and truly enjoy and take pride in what they do.  Daniel and Laura operate their business from their hearts, which is evident in their concern for the residents as well as the staff.  At a time when difficult choices need to be made for a loved one, the people at Grand Villa understand and are there to make the transition easier for everyone. 

Linda Mogelinski    9/7/18  

★★★★★ Grand Villa has been a blessing for my mom...she wasn't supposed to live that long as she was in a diabetic coma and we found this place at Grand Villa where the Residents are happy, there's music and events that brings families together...I believe it's families that bring the process of healing and it's a place of healing. There is always music & laughter in this house, the food is great...this is where I'd want any of my relatives to come. It is a home and there is a difference between a home and house.  A home is where you can feel like you can just be 'yourself'. And that is the beauty of this place, this home. The staff is so accommodating to everybody. And I feel a joy when I come here... just a very inviting place, I'd recommend it to anybody.                                                                                                                                          Charlynn Jennings, 03/2018

★★★★★ My dad loved the place right from the beginning and dad is happier than I've ever seen him...Laura goes out of her way to find recipe's for him...and my dad has developed a real sense of humor...They have an activities director and play games & exercise... The atmosphere is wonderful. I come visit him often and they make me & my daughter part of their family. It's a wonderful place & I couldn't recommend it more highly...                                                                                               Bonnie Keenan   01/2018

★★★★★ My aunt was in need of a very loving & caring place to have her medical needs met and when we brought her here, all of that was accomplished. Laura & Daniel and their staff were on top of everything. And they treated her with dignity and respect. And they cared for her and loved her just as if she was one of their own family...I highly recommend Grand Villa Residential Care and you will not be disappointed in what you will receive.                                                                     Gary Rogers  11/2016

★★★★★ Grand Villa Escondido Senior Care has been a great match for my father. The small family environment provides a perfect balance of assisted living care and freedom to my independent minded father. The staff's willingness to cater to my father's tastes in foods while maintaining a healthy diet and their friendly respectful demeanor have brightened my father's world and enabled him to gracefully accept the new reality that he needs care and support. Laura is a wonderful liaison and advocate for all residents. The staff welcome visits from family and pets so my father is never forgotten. It's a relief to know that my father now feels safe and valued as the beloved great grandfather he is. Thank you Grand Villa!            Michele Brooks      10/2016